Structured products and annuity solutions to both bank and independent broker dealers.

Secondary Services

Navian Capital offers a suite of secondary services to a broad network of broker-dealers including competitive secondary liquidations, access to exclusive secondary offerings, and analytics tools to provide a clearer picture.

Competitive Secondary Liquidation

Navian Capital’s dedicated trading team provides rapid, competitive, and accurate levels for a broad range of secondary investment solutions including but not limited to Market-Linked CDs, Market-Linked Notes, Rates-Linked Notes, Hybrid Equity/Rates-Linked Notes, Vanilla Brokered CDs, and Corporate Notes. Going beyond simply providing a secondary value, our team stands ready to provide additional insights on the value. The trading team is dedicated to ensuring each liquidation is as smooth as possible from providing quick levels to accurate trade executions.

Access To Exclusive Secondary Offerings

Navian Capital’s trading team curates an inventory of secondary offerings which encompasses a variety of investment solution opportunities. We take the time to get to know each trade desk and we understand that each trade desk has specifications when looking for a secondary opportunity. If you are looking for a secondary offering beyond what is included in our inventory, our team can monitor the market and notify your team once it is available.

Navigate With Analytics

Our team understands that it can be difficult to ascertain the validity of a secondary level, which is why we offer analytics for the secondary products we trade. Analytics include but are not limited to performance analysis, call analysis, breach analysis, and an overall return probability distribution. Our  goal is to create a clearer picture for trade desks when assessing a secondary opportunity.