Structured products and annuity solutions to both bank and independent broker dealers.

Bank Deposit Program

With Navian Capital’s Power CD Program, you’ll be provided with a turnkey package and facilitated process to ensure a streamlined rollout of your Market-Linked CD program within 30 days.

This program is typically utilized by institutions looking to:

Drive Client Growth through a Compelling Product

Market-Linked CDs are a compelling solution for clients seeking different risk/return parameters. They have broad client appeal ranging from stock and bond market investors to traditional CD and money market shoppers.

This differentiated product provides banks the opportunity to fill a significant need for current clients and have the potential to drive new client growth.

Differentiate from Competitors

Create a product that sets you apart in the marketplace.

Clients are familiar and comfortable with your bank. A Market-Linked CD issued in your bank’s name is a product no one else can offer. This provides the opportunity to build the relationship with current clients as well as attract new clients.

Increase Referral and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Adding MLCDs to your program typically can result in a dramatic increase in branch referrals due to the FDIC insurance feature of the product. Upon sitting with the Financial Consultant, the appropriate recommendation can be made.

MLCDs are typically very easy to refer. Introducing a client to an FDIC-insured CD that provides the potential to pay a higher rate than traditional CDs drives significant client interest and increases activity for the financial advisor. Based on the client profile, the financial advisor can recommend the appropriate product.

Obtain Low-Cost, Long-Term Deposits

Generate long-term deposits that can be below the cost of alternative sources such as FHLB advances and brokered CDs.