Founded in 2005, Navian Capital is a trusted provider of structured products and other fixed income products.

Distribution Relationships

Navian Capital has distribution partnerships with over a dozen of the world’s top banks

and has a broad network of broker-dealer relationships. Navian Capital’s strategic partnerships and relationships allow us to provide financial professionals with access to a diverse range of investment opportunities and credit exposures specializing in structured CDs, structured notes, and proprietary structured investments. ​


In addition to its vast network of partners and extensive product offerings, Navian Capital offers 15 years of specialized structured product expertise. We are here to guide you through the process, helping to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. We place importance on not only understanding the institutions we serve, but we customize our services to best fit your needs and objectives. From the development and implementation of proprietary products, to providing more efficient access to the universe of structured products, Navian Capital can help position your business for success.

Why Us?

We are continually evolving products and services to provide for your growing network of clients.

Structured Products & Annuities From Multiple National Issuers & Carriers

Navian Capital has access to a diverse list of structures from many national issuers that are available for third-party distribution. These include, but are not limited to, JPMorgan, HSBC, Barclays, Bank of the West, BNP, Citi, and Wells Fargo. In addition to this, we have a broad list of fixed, indexed, and variable annuities from several carriers. Carriers include Reliance Standard, The Standard, Voya, Genworth, Great American, Forethought, and Security Benefit.

Private-Labelled Products

Navian Capital has the unique capability to work with banks to build Market-Linked CDs in your bank’s name. In addition to this, Navian Capital works with large carriers to build exclusive annuity offerings based on popular dynamic indices.

Product Expertise

Navian Capital's Relationship Team provides dedicated in-the-field, one-on-one training and education on an ongoing basis. From comprehensive product training, to a monthly calendar of 10-minute product topic-specific calls, and sales ideas as well as direct end-client interaction, we’ve got you covered. Our team understands the intricacies of each product due to the fact we build them.

Structure Due Diligence

Navian Capital conducts and delivers monthly due diligence for structured products and annuities. The detailed structure analytics allow BDs to quickly compare and analyze products in the broad marketplace, helping to ensure suitability within your client base.

Marketing Support

Navian Capital maintains a comprehensive library of illustrations and marketing materials that can be branded for your institution. We work with your firm to identify desired materials to fit your culture and client demographics. We then analyze post-usage effectiveness of each piece to maximize success in your program.

Customized Luma Platform & Electronic Order Entry System

Automated delivery of completely customizable content including selected monthly offerings, product comparisons, educational resources, and advisor tools specific to your program. The electronic order entry system can simplify the task of placing and tracking orders each month.